Blue Man Group Percussion Tubes

Blue Man Group Percussion Tubes

Seeing the Blue Men Group work their magic on stage is really quite astounding. Now you can bring part of that magic home with you with the Blue Man Group Percussion Tubes ($100). The deck features eight motion-sensitive tubes, five different programmed instruments, a MP3 mode that allows you to play along with music from your iPod or other MP3 player, a record mode, and an audio-out jack in case you really want to make some noise. [Thanks, Julia!]

  • 1989 Upper Deck Baseball Wax Box

    Inspired by the ever-nostalgic Jason Kottke, we bring you an original 1989 Upper Deck Baseball Wax Box ($110). We remember our pre-teen years begging mom for two bucks and a ride down to the local baseball card shop so we could sift through a box of these for one measly pack, only to wind up Griffey-less yet again. Now that you're an adult with a job and actual money, why not treat yourself to an entire box of the most sought after baseball cards from back in day? You get 36 unopened packs with 15 cards each. Score!

  • Draganflyer V Ti Pro Helicopter

    We've had our share of remote controlled flying machines, and they all met their doom in a rather swift manner. For our next in-air toy, we're considering the Draganflyer V Ti Pro Helicopter ($1500). This tiny terror utilizes electronic sensors and thermal imaging to land safely if it gets outs of range or if there is a problem — but that's not the big deal. The big deal is that the V Ti Pro features a CCD sensor with 460 lines of resolution — when shooting video — and maneuverability that is unmatched in a personal flyer, making it the ultimate gadget for when you need arial footage of your kid's ballgame, or when you need to, you know, spy on an ex.

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