Boattail Racer

Boattail Racer

Who said kids are the only ones that want toys for Christmas? We'd be more than happy to find a Boattail Racer ($350) under the tree. Inspired early 20th century streamlined racers, this unique toy features wooden bodywork made from 13 ply Baltic birch, 77.5 millimeter carnelian-core industrial grade wheels, stainless steel axles and fasteners, and a custom archive box that's way classier than anything you'll find at Toys 'R Us.

  • Rubber Band Gatling Gun

    Unleash pure office supply hell with the Rubber Band Gatling Gun ($500). Far from a child's toy, this 15-20 lb. shooter is made from powder coated solid billet aluminum, and holds up to 100 standard office rubber bands that come flying out as fast as you can crank it. Perfect for ambushing co-workers who take the rest of the week off due to an "illness" yet amazingly appear on Xbox Live every evening in the Halo Reach matchmaking lobby.

  • Half-Scale Cars

    Forget Power Wheels — get your motoring-obsessed offspring a blast from the past with one of these Half-Scale Cars ($TBA). Available as authentic reproductions of the Porsche 356, Mercedes Benz 300SL, the Jaguar E-Type, the wartime Willys Jeep, the Bugatti T35, and an assortment scooters, these gas- or electric-powered titans of the tike world are a blast for kids — and adults can cram into them to, but you didn't hear that from us. [via]

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