Bodum New Kenya Tea Press

Bodum New Kenya Tea Press

Part kitchen staple, part conversation piece, the Bodum New Kenya Tea Press ($30) takes your tea brewing experience to the next level. It starts with a borosilicate glass teapot, which is wrapped in a curved, black plastic frame, continues with a plastic handle, filter, and lid, and is finished off by the stainless steel plunger to stop the action. Just fill with near-boiling water, drop in your favorite loose leaf blend, and watch as the plain H2O becomes a tasty, body-warming tea.

  • Restore Clean Water System

    Keep your drinking water free of bacteria, viruses, and other nasties with the Restore Clean Water System ($70). This Brita-killer combines traditional filtration that reduces heavy metals, chlorine, and pollutants, with Ultraviolet Clean Technology that 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses, and microbial cysts, leaving you with nothing but pure, clean, and safe water without the carbon guilt that comes with drinking bottled water. They sent us one to try, and it works great. Not sure how it will handle these guys.

  • The Smoking Gun

    No, not that Smoking Gun. The Smoking Gun ($100) is an easy way to add smokey flavors without the need for excess heat or an actual smoker. Once you've lit the applewood, hickory, or other wood chips, all the heat is contained in the main anodized aluminum smoking chamber, resulting in cool, flavor-filled smoke that's as useful for meats as it is for fruits and veggies. And going by that picture on the right, it looks like this gun can be used for more than wood chips.

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