Boil Buoy

Boil Buoy

They say a watched pot never boils, but with the Boil Buoy ($10), you'll never again have to worry about your gaze stopping the process. This nifty kitchen helper floats in your pot of water, and when the action starts, you'll get a audible alert from the stainless steel chime, letting you know it's time to add your food — which frees you up to do other things, like work on another part of the meal, or simply watch some more football.

  • Tilt Knife Block

    Give your steak knives a presentation worthy of your cooking with the Tilt Knife Block ($60). Handmade from solid walnut with a Canadian Maple inlay for a splash of contrast, the block holds up to six knives at an angle, and features a natural beeswax and orange oil finish for added color. Looks best in clean, modern kitchens, but isn't so extreme that it can't fit in to more traditional settings.

  • Restore Clean Water System

    Keep your drinking water free of bacteria, viruses, and other nasties with the Restore Clean Water System ($70). This Brita-killer combines traditional filtration that reduces heavy metals, chlorine, and pollutants, with Ultraviolet Clean Technology that 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses, and microbial cysts, leaving you with nothing but pure, clean, and safe water without the carbon guilt that comes with drinking bottled water. They sent us one to try, and it works great. Not sure how it will handle these guys.

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