Bonjour Laser Probe Combo

Bonjour Laser Probe Combo

For those perfectionist cooks out there that want their grill or pan at just the right temperature, we bring you the Bonjour Laser Probe Combo ($90). This handheld kitchen gadget uses infrared technology to measure the temperature of cooking surfaces, and adds a traditional stainless steel probe for measuring the inner temperature of foods. No more burnt burgers.

  • UtiliTILE: Forked Up

    Cheeky name aside, the UtiliTILE: Forked Up ($300) is a fun, functional addition to any kitchen. Part of the larger UtiliTILE: Dining series of lacquered wall tiles, Forked Up provides storage for your silverware, while making it look as if you've been practicing your knife-throwing skills. Magnets make sure everything stays in its place, and for those living in smaller homes, it's sure to open up some valuable drawer space.

  • Instant Kitchen

    You've made it. You're in the big city, living the dream. In an apartment the size of a small bathroom. With no kitchen in sight. Enter the Hansen Living Instant Kitchen ($TBD). This all-in-one unit contains everything you need — oven, gas jets, electric power, refrigerator and sink. Installation involves wrangling it up two flights of narrow stairs and hooking it up to a water supply and plugging it into an electric outlet. [via]

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