Bonsai Tree in a Can

Bonsai Tree in a Can

While there are plenty of things that we expect to find in cans — soup, Altoids, beer — we never thought of plantlife. The Bonsai Tree in a Can ($13) is, well, an aluminum can with black sand soil and bonsai black pine seeds inside. It's 3.5" diameter is perfect for your desk or cubicle shelf, and the tree can always be replanted in a larger pot or outdoors if you want to grow it larger.

  • Residential Hidden Passageways

    Admit it, you've always wanted a secret passageway with a hidden in room in your own house. Your dream can now become a reality thanks to Creative Home Engineering. The company offers fully automated solutions that will turn you into the Bruce Wayne of your neighborhood (from $10,000 installed; DIY kits from $1,500). What could be cooler than pulling on a book to open a secret door or twisting on a candlestick to rotate a fireplace entryway?

  • Molo Soft Wall

    Those of you lucky enough to have a wide-open loft might like the idea of separating a portion of it into a smaller, more intimate area — and you don't want to have to call a contractor to do it. The Soft Wall ($890) is a large (6.5 ft by up to 25 ft. by 1.5 ft thick) expandable honeycomb partition with ambient light quality that lets you easily section off certain parts of your crib all by yourself.

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