Braun 2865 cruZer3 Shaver

Braun 2865 cruZer3 Shaver

We're really not the fully-shaved type around here. There's an aura of cool to a couple days worth of stubble, but unfortunately it’s hard to maintain that look — the long hair trimmer on most electric razors leaves your beard looking too short, while most beard trimmers leave it just a hair too long. Fortunately it seems that Braun understands this, because its 2865 cruZer3 Shaver ($50) is just what the doctor ordered. A good cordless razor in its own right, the cruzer3 also has an above-average edge styler, plus a multi-length beard trimming attachment that clips over the foil, allowing users to get that “I shaved a few days back” look day after day.

  • OHSO Marko Travel Toothbrush

    We travel quite a bit here at Uncrate, and we’ve never really been satisfied with your run-of-the-mill travel brush. Thus, we’ve ended up carrying around a full-size brush, along with a full-size tube of our favorite ‘paste — not so travel friendly a setup. All this will change soon enough, however, when we finally get our mitts on the OHSO Marko Travel Toothbrush ($20). Its unique chrome-finished design allows the user to store toothpaste in the handle, then a small nozzle beneath the bristles lets the right amount of toothpaste out during brushing. Not only does it function well, it also looks badass. [Thanks, Josh]

  • MD Skincare Gentleman's Traveler

    Let’s face it — we don’t always get the time to take the best care of our faces. A wash here, a scrub there, a little ointment from getting roughed up at the flag football game, and that’s about all we get. Well, you can take back control of your face in a hurry with the Gentleman's Traveler kit from MD Skincare ($42). You get one 45 pack of Men’s One-Step Daily Facial Pads, a bottle of All-In-One Facial Cleanser with Toner, 14 packettes of Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel, a bottle of Auto-Balancing Moisture Sunscreen SPF 10, all in a pretty cool looking little pack. And if you have a male in the family who you know needs this stuff more than you do, it works great as a gift as well.

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