Burglar Blaster

Alarm systems are great and all, but if you really want to scare any prospective robber away as possible, install a Burglar Blaster ($600). This self-contained, battery-powered unit is simple to install, and uses a passive infrared detection system to sense when an intruder is near. After the set entry time delay, it blasts four ounces of irritating OC pepper spray into the surrounding area, virtually guaranteeing a quick retreat for anyone in its path. Good for up to 2,000 square feet, it's likely more than enough to protect your home — but if you feel the need for extra firepower, step up to the Decintegrator, which fires out six times as much of the nasty stuff.

  • Lockitron

    You can pay for your coffee, turn off your lights, control your TV, and start your car with your smartphone — so why can't you unlock your doors? That's exactly what Lockitron ($150) does. This sleek box slips over the inside of most deadbolt locks, and sports built-in Wi-Fi to let you check on the status of and lock/unlock your door from afar. You can also add family and friends as guests to share access, but we're most excited about the Bluetooth 4 integration, which means it can sense your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 and unlock the door automatically without you ever having to do a thing. [Thanks, John]

  • Archer Air Superiority

    Forget the Febreze — if you're looking to add an air of manliness to your surroundings, bust out a can of Archer Air Superiority ($14). It comes in three sufficiently masculine scents — distillery, which offers notes of charred oak, bourbon, and sour mash, hunting lodge, with scents of stone, gun powder, and timber, and european sports car, which smells of leather, aftershave, and horsepower. Expelled from its stylishly simple can using an eco-friendly nitrogen-based propellant, its the perfect antidote for your average fresh/floral room spray.

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