Caillou Boats

Caillou Boats

Designed with the classic lines of sailing canoes from the 1800s but built with modern day technology, Caillou Boats have the capability of a kayak and the ease of use of a small sailboat. Lightweight but durable, these boats are the perfect marriage of style and functionality. There are three models available: the Okume ($10,457) with a mahogany deck and fiberglass hull, the Glass ($7,450) which is made from polyester resin and biaxial E glass and features solid mahogany trimmings, and the Teak ($12,760), crafted from solid teak with a hand-oiled or natural finish. Accessories include cane backed chairs ($155), a fishing rod holder ($125), Greenland style kayak paddles ($200), and a Sail rig ($850) so you can sit back and let the wind do the work.

  • Kona Ute Bike

    If you use your bike as a workhorse, the Kona Ute ($900) will give you maximum utility. Built on an Aluminum Urban Utility Frame, the long wheel base bike features the Kona P2 Disc Fork, engraved wooden platform rack system (for lots of storage), Hayes MX4 Mechanical Front/Avid SD-5 rear brakes, a "Big Ute" bag, and a Chestnut Metallic paint job.

  • Sea Shadow

    We just found the new Uncrate yacht. Looking like something straight out of an episode of G.I. Joe, the Sea Shadow (Free) was built in the early 1980s for $195 million as an experimental ship to escape detection on the open sea. Like a stealth bomber, the 160' ship uses special coatings, crystalline angles, and other CIA gadgets to stump radar and sonar. During its top secret days, the Sea Shadow lived inside (and was even built inside) the Hughes Mining Barge, a mammoth floating vessel with a 76' x 72' door to let the Shadow come and go as it pleased. Even though it's going to be heading to the scrap yard soon if they don't find a new owner, the Navy is only looking to give it away to someone who wants to use the Shadow as a floating museum. And the Hughes Barge also goes to the lucky new owner. So get the dock ready. [Thanks, Chuck]

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