Catch 22 Yo-Yo

Catch 22 Yo-Yo

If you're looking for the ultimate in yo-yos, take a gander at the Catch 22 Yo-Yo ($460). This luxury toy is limited to just 70 units worldwide and boasts a bi-metallic design with a black aluminum body and titanium rims for excellent weight distribution, along with a long-spinning Dorothy bearing and a silicone response system for great play and feel. It comes complete with its own carrying case and a host of extra parts; ability to actually yo-yo not included. [Thanks, Alex]

  • Microfly Tiny R/C Hovering UFO

    The first thing you should know is that there is no shame in admitting you have the mentality of a 12 year old. And just because when you see an R/C helicopter your first reaction is to snatch it out of the air, grab the controller from the kid and run off to play with it on your own, well, that doesn't necessarily make you a bad person. But now with the Microfly Tiny R/C Hovering UFO ($25), you can have your very own radio controlled flying apparatus, meaning you no longer have to glare at children enviously. It's a good day.

  • Luminodot

    Like a Lite-Brite for the 21st century, the Bandai Luminodot ($200) is a 70x50 pixelated board with LED backlighting. It includes 1600 bulbs in 12 different colors, special software to help you create and preview your image, and features a removable front panel which lets you place a printed page underneath to help in setting up your pixelated masterwork.

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