Cave House

Located on the outskirts of Córdoba, Spain, the Cave House is a unique house with a unique backstory. The hollows from which it's built originally served as shelter for farming and livestock, and are incorporated into the new architecture as natural walls. The stone and concrete flooring pays respects to the rocky surroundings, while the white finish of the new walls helps brighten the subterranean areas and reflects light coming in through the south-facing windows.

Photos: Ignacio Amián & David Vico / Ummoestudio

  • Martis Valley Ski Retreat

    Clad in charred cedar and black steel panels, the Martis Valley Ski Retreat is inspired by its alpine forest surroundings. The home is comprised of a pair of two-story structures, bridged by a glazed single-story living and dining area with undisrupted views of the pine and fir tree forest bed. The focal point of the room is a travertine marble slab fireplace, a material that can also be found on the kitchen workspace. The cedar facade was treated with an ancient Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban to blend in with the hues of the plot's evergreen tree trunks. Located at the foot of Northstar California, skiing is the main attraction with access to the runs of Lookout Mountain.

    Photos: Joe Fletcher / Faulkner Architects

  • Junction Shadow House

    Once an exact replica of its neighbor, the Junction Shadow House underwent a complete renovation to set itself apart from its semi-detached twin. Wedged between two structures in a tight Toronto neighborhood, the only access to natural light comes from the north and the south ends. So the idea of light and shadows was created with a bright white and black color palette running throughout the entire home. The ground floor is comprised of an open-concept kitchen and dining area, while the second and third-floor attic house two bedrooms and a living area. The interior is connected by a staircase at the heart of the home, which includes a hidden compartment for shoes in its landing.

    Photos: Revelateur Studio / Post Architecture

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