Cedar Strip Wood Kayak

Cedar Strip Wood Kayak

It's easy enough to go down to your local sporting goods store and pick up one of the myriad kayaks available, but if you want an experience that's a little less... pedestrian, check out the Cedar Strip Wood Kayak ($TBA). Recalling kayaks of days gone past, this 18' 4" vessel is handcrafted from a composite of Western Red Cedar strips and glass fiber, and features watertight storage compartments, adjustable foot braces, included seat and backrest, carrying handles, and deck rigging, all while weighing only 38 lbs.

  • 4Sevens Preon 2 Flashlight

    Yeah, yeah, we know you can use your smartphone flash as a flashlight — but we also know it isn't good for your battery, or for seeing things farther than three feet away. The 4Sevens Preon 2 Flashlight ($45) solves this problem by being plenty bright — with a maximum output of 120 lumens thanks to its CREE XP-G LED — but maintaining an extremely small, pocket friendly size that makes it suitable for carrying every day. It also features seven output modes, clip and keychain attachment options, and IPX-8 water resistance — something your smartphone can only dream about. [Thanks, Noah]

  • Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit

    If you're the type of person who jumps out of planes into unknown wilderness simply to see if you can make it back to civilization, you're either Bear Grylls, or you need to have your head examined. You also need to pick up a Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit ($50). This compact kit includes a host of survival tools — including a mini multi-tool, a waterproof bag, a miniature light, a hand saw, a signaling mirror, survival blanket, fire starter, waterproof matches, a cotton ball to use as tinder, snare wire, an emergency cord, waxed thread, a fishing kit, a sewing kit, Land to air rescue and SOS instructions, and a pocket guide that should help keep your ass alive.

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