Chester Lit Outdoor Furniture

Having trouble deciding where to put your outdoor lighting? How about inside your outdoor furniture? Chester Lit Outdoor Furniture ($800-$1,250) lets you do exactly that, by providing an opening on the bottom for the insertion of included light fixtures, adding a soft glow to the classic tufted, rounded Chesterfield design.

  • Firetext Smoke Alarm

    Everyone knows that smoke alarms are a must-have for any house, but they won't do you much good if you're not there. Enter the Firetext Smoke Alarm (£90; roughly $145). Operating over GSM, this ingenious gadget can send a user-defined text message to up to four numbers upon activation, runs on batteries — just like a normal alarm — and sports an 85db siren to make sure you're awoken should you happen to actually be at home. [via]

  • Wwoo

    Who wants to spend their summer building a fence in the backyard when you could be spending it admiring a freshly-installed alternative? The Wwoo ($500-$1,750) is an outdoor living area/fence system made completely from concrete that can integrate features like a sink, grill, fireplace, or shower right into a 2- or 1.4-meter high fence. It's customizable, expandable, and more or less modular, letting you design the perfect mix of pieces to complement your space. Oh, and did we mention that it's gorgeous? Yeah, that too. Currently available via email ordering in the U.S., with more widespread distribution coming later this year.

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