Christian Bjørn Stackable Cookware

One of the secrets to making great-looking food is learning how to get it from the cooking pan onto the plate without making a mess. Or, you could just grab a set of Christian Bjørn Stackable Cookware ($50-$120). Available in three sizes, these versatile dishes are made from porcelain, and feature scalloped cut-outs for superior air circulation, heat-resistant silicone feet to keep surfaces safe when going straight from the oven to the table, and a stackable design that allows you to fill a larger dish with tea light candles, keeping the food in the dish on top warm for hours, buffet style.

  • Tassimo T65 Brewbot

    It won't get up, get a cup and single-serve disc out of the cabinet, and deliver your drink to you as you relax in a recliner with your iPad, but the Tassimo T65 Brewbot ($200) can handle pretty much everything else with the single press of a button. It's preprogrammed to make seven different beverages — coffee, tea, espresso, cappuccino, latte, crema, and hot chocolate — one cup at a time, and knows exactly what to make and how to brew it thanks to barcodes found on each T disc. Be sure to look for its cameo in the upcoming film Transformers 3: Crushing the life out of cinema one slo-mo explosion at a time.

  • Breville Pie Maker

    The holidays are coming up, which means its time to bust out your pie-making skills, and hours of baking. Or you could grab up a Breville Pie Maker ($80). This handy mini-appliance can cook up to four personal-sized pies in just eight minutes, with a ready light to let you know when it's time to cook, a locking latch and crimper seal to make sure the pies stay intact, and a non-stick interior for easy clean up. Great for sweet fruit pies, tangy vegetable mixes, or even quiches, but if we see you holding a straight razor and hawking blood red "meat pies," we're outta there.

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