Clip-n-Seal Bag Clips

Clip-n-Seal Bag Clips

There's really nothing worse than state food — and a lot of the bag clips we've seen simply don't do a good enough job at preventing this problem. So, we're really excited about these Clip-n-Seal Bag Clips ($5 for 3). Featuring an innovative rod and clamp design, these clips create a seal that is both air and watertight. Maybe now your tortilla chips will actually stay fresh past the first chips and salsa session.

  • Cuisinart PartyPop Popcorn Maker

    Tired of eating your favorite movie snack out of a noisy, greasy bag? Check out this Cuisinart PartyPop Popcorn Maker ($80). It can pop up to ten cups of popcorn in under five minutes, the popcorn pops straight into a clear bowl that simply flips to serve, and you get to decide how much and what kind of flavor your popcorn will be. Now you can finally make that nacho-flavored popcorn you keep telling everyone about. [Thanks, Rick]

  • LG LCD TV Refrigerator

    As technology has evolved over the years, kitchen tech has unfortunately lagged behind. LG is doing its best to make up for lost time with its new LSC27990TT LCD TV Refrigerator ($3500-$3700; Q2). While keeping its food-storing attributes fresh — it is a refrigerator after all — it also features a 15" LCD TV in the right side door that is cable-ready and has connectors for a DVD player, as well as a 4" LCD above the left door ice/water dispenser that features weather reports, date/time, calendar, recipies, and a personal photo album you can populate via a USB port. Other features include an in-door ice maker that frees up more space for food, an Opti-Fresh crisper that keeps food good longer by using an indirect cooling system, and a Grab-n-go door basket, wine rack, and tilting door bins. Emeril would be proud. [via]

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