No, it's not some new Internet-based service that takes your photos, videos, and drunken napkin doodles and stores them online. Instead, Cloud is, well, a cloud — one that stays inside your house. Created by artist Richard Clarkson, this unusual work packs a series of color-changing lights, a powerful speaker system, and an Arduino inside its felted hypoallergenic fill and sponge body, letting you enjoy a "storm" every time you pass by, or anytime at all using the remote. But what's even better is the built-in Bluetooth, which means that when you're in the mood to jam, you can stream your music to it and enjoy great sound with light-based visualizations.

  • Philips Clear LED Light Bulb

    Everyone who's been paying attention knows that LED light bulbs are the future — but up until now, they haven't looked like light bulbs. The Philips Clear LED Light Bulb does. Using an innovative, world-first lens, this insanely efficient bulb delivers the warm light of a traditional incandescent bulb in all directions, mimicking the output of a 40 Watt bulb while letting you see the light at work thanks to a clear, familiar body.

  • Plumen 002 Light Bulb

    From the team behind the Plumen 001 — a fashionable, low-energy replacement for standard 60W bulbs — comes the Plumen 002 Light Bulb ($30). Like the 001, it uses CFL technology to provide all the lighting power of a 30W bulb while using less than a quarter of the energy, but the real draw is in the sculpted shape, made possible by a glass tube that's blown in the same way as a bottle, creating a curved, fluid form that looks great hanging from the ceiling, in a sconce, or even in a traditional table lamp.

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