Coffee Joulies

There's more to a perfect cup of coffee — or tea, for that matter — than selecting the right blend to brew: no one's going to be able to enjoy it with their taste buds burnt off. That's where Coffee Joulies ($40) come in. Thanks to a special non-toxic material that's sealed inside the Joulies' bean-like stainless steel shells, these wondrous creations help to cool down your drink to approachable levels faster than normal, then use the energy stored during that process to keep it warm.

  • Sword Canes

    If you want to be a real villain, you're going to need a few things — like a cold heart, and a love for crime. Oh, and one of these Sword Canes ($450-$1,450). Available in a variety of styles, these classic canes hide a deadly sharp blade inside, making it all the more surprising when you go from meek and hobbled to slashing apart your foe's prized 18th century armchair. Isn't crime fun?

  • Misa Kitara Digital Guitar

    Say hello to the next generation of instruments. The Misa Kitara Digital Guitar ($850) melds the traditional guitar shape with new technology to create an instrument that's instantly familiar and yet unlike anything you've played before. In place of the bridge sits an eight-inch multitouch screen which allows for a wide range of playing techniques, while buttons on the fretboard serve up the notes from the built-in database of more than one hundred sounds — and if that's not enough for you, you can always use the Kitara as a MIDI controller. Coming soon to a stage near you.

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