Corn Cob Cutter

Corn Cob Cutter

Yeah, summer is pretty much over, but some folks like to eat corn on the cob all year round. This handy Corn Cob Cutter ($2.50) lets you easily get the kernels off the cob and into your belly tons faster than using a knife — not to mention the benefit of not having most of the corn end up in your teeth.

  • Voodoo Knife Display

    The wood block — a tried and true way to hold your knives, but not so hot when it comes to displaying them. The Voodoo Knife Display helps by turning the idea of a woodblock into a voodoo-esque doll. Five specifically placed holes hold five quality knives, helping along the feeling of satisfaction when you plunge your carving knife into the doll’s red body — even more so if you paste a pic of your ex’s face on it’s head like we did. Available in black, pink and red ($70), as well as chrome ($100).

  • Easy Morning Cereal Dispenser

    The Easy Morning Dual Dry Food Dispenser from Zevro ($90) lets you and your messy kids avoid tragic Froot Loop spills in the kitchen. Just place your bowl under the device, turn the knob, and the cereal falls perfectly into your bowl. The brushed stainless steel beauty has two easy-to-clean 17 oz. canisters that are hermetically sealed to preserve freshness. It also works with dry foods like rice, beans, trail mix and candy if you're not a morning person.

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