Datacolor SpyderTV

Datacolor SpyderTV

It doesn't matter if you have a $15,000 spectacularly enormous flat-screen TV, if the brightness, color, contrast, tint, and color temperature presets are off, your picture won't be worth a dime. The Datacolor SpyderTV ($200) is a device you hook up to your computer and attach to your TV screen to help you optimize your display so you can watch movies exactly how the directors intended. And the SpyderTV supports every kind of TV — Plasma, RPTV, DLP, LCD and CRT TVs.

  • TeleBlaster

    Aristarkh Chernyshev must have been having quite a good time when he developed the idea for the TeleBlaster, but we’re glad he did. The TeleBlaster ($2000) is kind of tiny for a real TV — the screen is only seven inches — but the set can distort the picture both by changing colors and by stretching the image. Of course, if you want to put yourself through the same torture, there is a camera built-in — so you can watch your house-guests get stretched and squeezed like they were at a taffy factory.

  • Philips DVP642 Progressive-Scan DVD Player

    This affordable progressive-scan DVD player from Philips is perfect for watching your illegally downloaded movies. The ultra-slim Philips DVP642 ($60) plays DVDs (DVD, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW), VCDs and SVCDs, audio CDs, JPEG image CDs, and CDs loaded with MP3, MPEG-4, or DivX 3.11/4.x/5.x (AVI) files. It's also got a handy five-disc resume feature, which lets you pick up where you left off on your five most recently viewed DVDs.

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