DD16 Floating Cabin

Whether you're on the snowy mountain caps or a remote lake, the Floating Cabin can accommodate you. The compact modular house is made to survive in the most isolated locations with the most extreme climates. Constructed from a laminated wood with milled ports and composite aluminum facade, the lightweight structure can be moved from site to site by helicopter or crane and its seamless design can stand up to the harshest elements. Portable pontoons even allow you to set up camp on the water. Ran by solar power, the interior consists of a bathroom with a shower and bio toilet, a double bed, dining table, kitchen, and a glazed wall to welcome in natural light and views of your surroundings — whatever they may be.

Photos: Ivan Ovchinnikov / Bio Architects

  • Magnolia House

    Named after its Seattle neighborhood, the Magnolia House brings contemporary design and traditional fixtures under the same roof. Clean lines and dark gray lacquer dominate the exterior facade. Tall grid windows add interest to the otherwise simple form, while bathing the interior in loads of natural light. Internally, classic elements of marble and hardwood harmonize with modern furniture for a balanced aesthetic. A set of stairs leads to a personal yoga studio. Surrounded by glazing, the tranquil space leads out to a private rooftop deck.

    Photos: Lara Swimmer / Rerucha Studio

  • Midnight Stars House

    On an isolated cliffside on the Greek island of Corfu, the Midnight Stars House is a contemporary refurbishment of a former summer home. Composed of two staggered volumes, the continuous arch pattern and monochromatic facade work together to pay homage to the vernacular architecture of the region. White plastered floors and walls on the interior pair with curved ceilings and mirrored finishes to give the previously traditional elements a modern revision. Covered terraces line a concrete patio and lap pool, allowing for undisrupted daytime views of the surrounding olive groves and the Ionian Sea below. At night, the secluded setting highlights overhead scenery created by the evening sky.

    Photos: 314 Architecture Studio

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