District Vision Keichii Performance Eyewear

The result of two years of development, District Vision Keichii Performance Eyewear is a series of sports-ready shades that are just as suitable for leisure time as they are for activity. The frames come in white, gray, or black, have an adjustable rubber nose pad, and feature adjustable openings at the rear of the stems for use with the company's sports strap system. They're available with one of three activity-specific lenses: a polarized gray lens with oleophobic coating designed for watersports, a yellow polycarbonate lens made for low-light conditions, such as runs at dawn or dusk, and a green-tinted Sky G15 lens that provides protection from bright sunlight by allowing only 15 percent of light to pass through. Made and engineered in Japan, tested in NYC.

  • Warby Parker x Uncrate Model X1 Sunglasses

    They're back. When we did the first edition of our sold-out driving sunglasses, we of course went with an all-black matte frame (because everything looks better in black). When it was time to reissue them, the eyewear gurus at Warby Parker helped us to craft a new Whiskey Tortoise version that's just as handsome as the original. Designed from the ground up for driving, and looking good while doing it, the limited edition Warby Parker x Uncrate Model X1 Sunglasses succeed on both fronts, if we do say so ourselves. Each pair is made with premium acetate and comes equipped with Zeiss Ri-Pel-coated lenses to give you extra protection on the road. The Model X1's curves were inspired by sports cars of the 1960's, and are just as timeless and functional as those beautiful machines. As usual with Warby Parker eyewear, for every pair of Uncrate edition frames purchased, a pair of glasses will be given to someone in need.

  • Mykita MVO Eyeglasses

    Most eye appointments include a fitting if you happen to need glasses. But no traditional session can come close to the customization offered with Mykita My Very Own Eyeglasses. Once you've picked out your frame, they take a 3D scan of your face, using that information to customize everything from the width and angle of the frame to the radius of the temples and position of the noce pads, all while guaranteeing ideal optical quality. Thanks to parametric design, the frames never appear out of proportion, and since you can choose your own colors for the frame, lenses, and hinges, you're guaranteed a set of specs that's truly one of a kind.

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