False Bay Writer's Cabin

Whether it's sunny or snowy, Washington's San Juan Islands are almost always windy. This fact plays into the design of False Bay Writer's Cabin. Another gem from Tom Kundig, it uses a trio of wooden slat decks and a system of winches, rope, sheaves, and blocks to raise them, completely closing off the cabin. Three sides of the 500 square foot space are glass, with a small area in the back for a bathroom and kitchenette. A blackened steel floor inlay helps tie the rotating fireplace into the design and bisects the wooden floor, giving the open floorplan an added sense of order.

Photos: Olson Kundig

  • Watermill House

    Located in a small village in The Hamptons, the Watermill House is a renovated and expanded traditional cottage. The extension is clad similarly to the existing building, yet strikes a far more bold impression, with a dramatic vaulted ceiling and generous glazing. It houses a new living area, dining area, and kitchen, which were removed from the cottage to make room for a family room, home office, and guest suite. Notably, the extension also created a new main entrance for the home and reoriented the entire structure to the garden, swimming pool, and the neighboring farm.

    Photos: Paul Warchol / Desai Chia Architecture

  • Solar Egg Sauna

    Located in Kiruna, Sweden's northernmost town — a village undergoing enormous change due to the needs of its economically-essential iron mining industry — the Solar Egg Sauna is meant to be a meeting place for townsfolk to discuss the future. It's clad in stainless golden mirror sheeting, with a multi-faceted form that lets it reflect all the elements that make up the town, like the land, mine, buildings, sky, sun, and snow. The interior is made of wood with pine panels for the walls and floor, a bench made from aspen, and a custom-made oven in the middle crafted from iron and stone.

    Photos: Jean-Baptiste Béranger / Bigert & Bergström

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