Field Notes Drink Local Notebooks

Whether you like to jot down notes about all the craft beers you enjoy, or you just find inspiration at the bottom of a pint glass, Field Notes Drink Local Notebooks ($10) were made for you. These 48-page notebooks come in packs of three, wrapped in a cardboard carrier, and include a letter-pressed coaster for your brew. You can choose between blank, lined, and grid paper, and the notebooks come in beer-themed colors: choose ales (stout, amber ale, and india pale ale) or lagers (pilsner, bock, and pale lager).

  • Aura Breathalyzer

    Ever been in limbo about whether or not you're safe to drive after a couple drinks with friends? The Aura Breathalyzer ($150) aims to improve your judgement in those situations, and is doing it with a product that not only works well but looks great too. Utilizing fuel cell sensors, the same technology used in police handheld devices and most court-issued vehicle ignition interlock systems, this breathalyzer gives you the peace of mind needed to decide whether to get behind the wheel or ask for a ride home. And the sleek, scratch resistant display only adds to the attractiveness of an already incredibly practical product.

  • Pintofeed

    You already do basically everything with your phone — pay your bills, keep in touch with friends and family, do your shopping, set your fantasy lineup — you might as well use it to take care of your pets. With Pintofeed ($180), all you need is a smartphone to make sure Sparky or Pookie never miss a meal, whether you're working late, on vacation, or just too lazy to feed the animal that loves you unconditionally and relies on you for literally everything. This smart feeder can hold up to ten pounds of food (kept fresh thanks to airtight seals), and dispenses it according to your wireless command or an intelligent schedule that learns your pet's routine. It accommodates food of various sizes, and can be programmed to dole out any amount. The only thing easier would be not owning a pet at all.

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