Finex Cast Iron Skillet

If you're not lucky enough to have been passed down an antique cast iron skillet through the generations — seasoned by years of lovingly-prepared family meals — start your own cooking tradition with the Finex Cast Iron Skillet ($125). This is the cast iron skillet reinvented, with an eight-sided design that gives it six separate pouring points, making it much easier to handle. A coiled wire spring handle allows it to dissipate heat quicker, making it easier to hold and move. The interior is CNC machined, making it smoother than your grandma's skillet, so it's less prone to sticking and easier to wipe clean.

  • Stelton Vacuum Jug

    You won't hear us judging you for your coffee addiction — even if you need to drink it all day just to function — we're right there with you. Keep your supply of coffee hot all day with the Stelton Vacuum Jug ($75), a one-liter, vacuum-sealed thermos that's as aesthetically attractive as it is functional. Made from ABS plastic with a glass filler, this jug is finished out in matte black. It's also washable and reusable, which gives it one up on all of those paper cups and cardboard sleeves filling your office wastebasket.

  • Sodastream Source

    Whether you're concerned about your impact on the local landfill, or you just like the idea of carbonating your own beverages at home, the Sodastream Source ($130) gives you the bubbles you crave without all the excess plastic bottles. This elegantly-designed device lets you carbonate any drink, from tap water to soft drinks. The included plastic bottle has a metal base and top, is completely reusable, and will last a while — compare that to those disposable bottles you get from the local grocery. LED lights on the machine's face let you accurately gauge your level of carbonation.

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