Firetext Smoke Alarm

Firetext Smoke Alarm

Everyone knows that smoke alarms are a must-have for any house, but they won't do you much good if you're not there. Enter the Firetext Smoke Alarm (£90; roughly $145). Operating over GSM, this ingenious gadget can send a user-defined text message to up to four numbers upon activation, runs on batteries — just like a normal alarm — and sports an 85db siren to make sure you're awoken should you happen to actually be at home. [via]

  • Weber Fireplace

    Widely known for its rugged, inexpensive charcoal grills, Weber is taking its knowledge of the flame and applying it to typical outdoor living with the Weber Fireplace ($140). Sporting a modular design, the Fireplace's lid and bowl are made from steel with a porcelain-enamel finish that's baked on at 1,500ºF for superior rust proofing, and features a no-rust aluminum heat shield, dual wood handles, four steel support legs, a 29.5-inch diameter base, and a simple black design that puts the spotlight on the fire and the place, but not the fireplace.

  • Bolefloor Hardwood Flooring

    Ever wondered why hardwood floors are always comprised of square, rectangular strips? So did the makers of Bolefloor Hardwood Flooring ($TBA). Using highly advanced technology, this unique solid oak flooring is cut along the grain of the wood, giving it a more natural look, while visual identification technology looks at imperfections like knots and sapwood to make sure the end result is as durable as it is aesthetically pleasing. In addition, cutting the boards in this way allows for better utilization of the wood, helping to preserve our natural resources. [via]

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