As much as we try not to drink too much soda, there are always times — parties, open bar, etc. — that it's nice to have some two-liters around. Alas, they seem to go flat before your very eyes — until now. The FizzKeeper ($4) is an ingenious little gadget that goes on top of your bottle, replacing the cap. When you're temporarily finished with the bottle, give a few pumps of the ball on the top of the 'Keeper, and your fizzy drinks will taste just as fresh as when they were opened.

  • Magnetic Knife Holders

    We all know and love knife blocks, but sometimes the counter real estate is more important than the proper storage of your cutlery. Magnetic Knife Holders ($60) take your knives from the counter to the wall with a set of four magnets that keep your blades securely stored and easily accessible. Each pod holds up to two knives, so you can get about eight knives out of your way.

  • Davey Crackit Nutcracker

    Normal nutcrackers are so boring. If you're inclined to crack a lot of nuts, do it with some whimsy with the Davey Crackit Nutcracker ($23). At nine inches tall, Davey is made from cast aluminum which will blend nicely with most stainless kitchen goods. Simply lift his tail to crack the nut in his hands, but be warned — there's no guarantee your dog won't go a little crazy about the new forest friend in your cooking area.

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