FrancisFrancis! X1 Espresso Machine

FrancisFrancis! X1 Espresso Machine

This "retro-futuristic" espresso machine designed by Italian architect Luca Trazzi looks spectacular in any kitchen. Available in a rainbow of powder-coat colors and raw stainless steel, the FrancisFrancis! X1 ($800) has a brass boiler and 18 bar pump, and is fairly easy-to-use thanks to illy's Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.) system. The X1 also features a steamer arm for frothing milk for restaurant-style cappuccino and a cup rail on top to keep cups warm.

  • Throwzini Wood Block

    Wooden chopping blocks are a familiar sight in any kitchen, and so are knife blocks that hold the cutlery. Now you can combine the two ideas and add a little bit of festive atmosphere with the Throwzini Wood Block ($TBD). The block is shaped just like the ladies who stand in front of the board during knife throwing shows, and there are magnets hidden under the surface of the wood that hold the knives close. This could have made several horror movie struggles a lot more interesting.

  • Help! Drain Stoppers

    As if some poor action figure has fallen into the garbage disposal, the Help! Drain Stoppers ($26) portray a hand reaching up for a lift. The Help! stoppers come in a pack of three, in bright colors, and in their own gift container. If we just could get around using a drain stopper at all — by way of not having to do dishes anymore — we’d be happy campers.

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