Franklin Mountain House

Located 800 feet above the city of El Paso, the Franklin Mountain House uses local grey basalt to conceal its lower floors. The bottom floor contains utilities, while the middle floor holds the kitchen, living room, and dining area, and also has access to a patio and the pool via a sliding glass wall. The upper floor holds the bedrooms and a play area for the family, extends perpendicularly beyond the lower levels, and is finished in a white lime stucco, giving the home its signature contrast.

Photos: Casey Dunn / Hazelbaker Rush

  • Marlboro Music Cottages

    Set on 15 acres in the foothills of the Green Mountains, the Marlboro Music Cottages provide accommodations for senior musicians during the college's classical music retreat. The five cabins replicate the 17th-century architecture native to the area with their steep gabled roofs and simple compact forms, while the addition of red cedar planks and Vermont slate roofing bring the structures into the modern era. Internally, the 7-foot walls and pitched ceilings are adorned with local white pine, allowing for an acoustically pleasing area for guests to gather and practice. The masses of timber are broken up by large glazed openings, taking advantage of the warm natural light and surrounding forest landscape.

    Photos: HGA Architects and Engineers

  • Venice House

    Given the liberatingly simple directive of "don't f*ck it up", the team behind the Venice House created a monolithic, yet inviting, home. The vaulted, wood-lined kitchen serves as the heart of the house, connecting the front yard with the back and blurring the line between indoor and outdoor spaces. As a result, the stairway is tucked away on the side, giving access to the upstairs and its three bedrooms, while the downstairs holds the aforementioned kitchen, dining, and living areas, as well as multiple outdoor patios, an outdoor cooking area, and a pool with pool house.

    Photos: Noah Walker / Walker Workshop

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