Glazed Donut Vodka

And so the trend of insanely sweet vodka flavors marches on with Glazed Donut Vodka ($16). Created by a company that knows a thing or two about sweet-flavored vodkas — other 360 flavors include double chocolate, bing cherry, and cola — it beats out the real thing by over 150 calories — assuming you're watching your weight — and is bound to mix well with an array of ingredients that you wouldn't let anywhere near a glass of Belvedere. Bacon donut martinis, anyone? [Scouted by Drew]

  • KRU 82 Vodka

    You could buy yourself a reusable, stainless steel bottle for your water-holding needs. Or you could just buy a bottle of KRU 82 Vodka ($TBA). Imported from Holland and bottled in a handsome, reusable, recyclable, and shatterproof stainless steel container, it offers up a clean taste with an unusually smooth finish, which is fitting for a vodka that comes with its own strap and carabiner.

  • Medea Vodka

    And you thought your watch was blingin'. Medea Vodka ($40) is the world's first spirit to arrive in a programmable bottle that lets you display messages up to 255 characters in length across the "label", and thanks to a distillation process that pairs pure artesian water with centuries-old techniques, the vodka inside will be just as smooth as that "drink me" message you put on the outside.

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