Global G-12 Meat Cleaver

Global G-12 Meat Cleaver

Chop your steaks, roasts, and other foods with power and precision using the Global G-12 Meat Cleaver ($170). Forged in Japan from CROMOVA 18 Stainless Steel, this serious chef's tool features a 6.5-inch blade, an seamless design, an insanely sharp edge, black synthetic grips, and a hollow handle. Just don't get too carried away, lest you end up making fingertip stew.

  • Christian Bjørn Stackable Cookware

    One of the secrets to making great-looking food is learning how to get it from the cooking pan onto the plate without making a mess. Or, you could just grab a set of Christian Bjørn Stackable Cookware ($50-$120). Available in three sizes, these versatile dishes are made from porcelain, and feature scalloped cut-outs for superior air circulation, heat-resistant silicone feet to keep surfaces safe when going straight from the oven to the table, and a stackable design that allows you to fill a larger dish with tea light candles, keeping the food in the dish on top warm for hours, buffet style.

  • Boomerang Wok

    No, you can't throw it and expect it to come back to you. Instead, the Boomerang Wok ($150) sports Teflon Platinum Plus non-stick coating and a unique cupped edge that allows overly-enthusiastic chefs to toss their stir-fry to their heart's content without getting partially-cooked food all over the stove, counters, floor, and — if you're particularly talented — walls.

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