Gran Turismo Cockpit

Gran Turismo Cockpit

We love our Gran Turismo here at Uncrate, so we were thrilled when we saw this — the Gran Turismo Cockpit ($TBA). It features a fully adjustable driving position, a pedal platform with left foot rest, and is made from high quality materials and goods — such as the Logitech steering wheel. Now we’re not sure this makes us want to even think about running the 24hr. Nurburgring race, but it’s certainly cool enough to make us play GT4 back through. [via Engadget]

  • Game Boy Micro

    Although the technology behind it is no longer impressive, we still have a soft spot in our hearts for the Game Boy Micro ($100). Aside from the fact that it’s tiny — think iPod mini here — it also has a huge library of Game Boy Advance games it can play. It’s not the original GBA games that draw us in, though — it’s the re-issued SNES and NES games that get us excited. Well, that and having another gadget to add to our ever growing man-bag arsenal.

  • Sony PSP

    We love to play games, and as the holidays approach, we keep having fewer reasons to hold out on buying a Sony PSP ($250) (yeah, we know it's been out since March — but we weren't around then). More intriguing games are approaching their release date, it's got a built-in web browser, it plays video, MP3 and AAC music files, and shows off pictures like a champ. And if you're planning on picking up a PS3, we're pretty sure you're going to want a PSP to use with it.

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