Haiku Garage Light

Bright, tough, and a snap to install, Garage Series LED fixtures from Haiku Home are built to provide the mission-critical light your toughest spaces require. Each one produces more light than 16 60-watt incandescent bulbs, and its high-efficiency LEDs are rated to last for 150,000 hours, or more than 130 years of three-hour-a-day use. Its body is crafted from a single piece of anodized aluminum for added durability, and every fixture comes prewired for simple, single-person installation. Add in a motion sensor and it'll even turn on and off automatically. It comes with a seven-year warranty, and can be secured to the ceiling or hung on the wall with an adjustable mount.

Presented by Haiku Home.

  • Fluxo Smart Lamp

    As we move towards smarter lighting solutions, it's becoming obvious that the lights of the future will let us pick their hue on-demand. The Fluxo Smart Lamp is a pendant-style light that lets you change both the color of your light and it's direction. Thanks to a ring-shaped cluster of LEDs, it can send its light in any direction you choose. It also learns your routines and adjusts the lighting based on your preferences, and turns itself on and off using built-in presence detection sensors. Which makes it not just smarter than a normal LED bulb, but better looking, too.

  • Ellum Motion Sensing Lights

    Far more useful than a simple night light, these Ellum Motion Sensing Lights can light your way in the dark without the need for an open outlet — and look great doing it. They use a pair of sensors to detect movement in the dark, turning on their powerful LEDs for 20 seconds when needed. Machined from solid domestic hardwood, they mount easily using 3M adhesive or screws, run on AA batteries, and are available in 22" and 6" variants with White Oak or Black Walnut bodies.

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