Help! Drain Stoppers

Help! Drain Stoppers

As if some poor action figure has fallen into the garbage disposal, the Help! Drain Stoppers ($26) portray a hand reaching up for a lift. The Help! stoppers come in a pack of three, in bright colors, and in their own gift container. If we just could get around using a drain stopper at all — by way of not having to do dishes anymore — we’d be happy campers.

  • Tea Stick

    We love green tea, but we hate teabags — so the Tea Stick ($20) is the perfect sleek companion to our leaves. You simply place your tea in the bottom and slide down the cover, then drop it into some really hot water — just be sure not to drop the water on you. [via Cool Hunting]

  • Recycling Bags

    This set of four Recycling Bags ($22) from Design Within Reach will brighten up your home and help you sort your recyclables more easily. Each waterproof bag, made of industrial-strength tarpaulin–a fabric, is color coded for quicker separating of cans, bottles and papers. The fourth is for non-recyclable trash. Velcro holds the bags in a row.

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