Hitman Pro Yo-Yo

Hitman Pro Yo-Yo

Our own yo-yo skills haven't progressed beyond the basic Duncan level, but if you're an elite spinner, you'll want to take a gander at the Hitman Pro Yo-Yo ($50). Designed by world champ Johnnie DelValle, this high-end handheld toy features the Solid Spin axle system for a more stable and balanced spinning experience, wide weight rings with carbon fiber caps for a smoother ride, and a classy silver and black color scheme befitting a pro-level unit.

  • Pub In A Box

    Bring a bit of England to your home bar or game room with Pub In A Box ($30). This handy collection of traditional English pub games includes playing cards, dominos, standard dice, poker dice, a cribbage board, a dual-sided Nine Mens Morris and Draughts board, blue and red game markers, and both small and large sets of white and black game pieces. Drunken football hooligans fortunately not included. [Thanks, Eric]

  • Rubber Band Gatling Gun

    Unleash pure office supply hell with the Rubber Band Gatling Gun ($500). Far from a child's toy, this 15-20 lb. shooter is made from powder coated solid billet aluminum, and holds up to 100 standard office rubber bands that come flying out as fast as you can crank it. Perfect for ambushing co-workers who take the rest of the week off due to an "illness" yet amazingly appear on Xbox Live every evening in the Halo Reach matchmaking lobby.

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