Homemade Gin Kit

We've heard of bathtub gin before, but luckily this Homemade Gin Kit ($40) doesn't require you to set up a distillery in your bathroom. Instead, it has you grab a bottle of vodka and let it steep with the included juniper berries and carefully selected, hand weighed spices, botanicals, flowers, and aromatics. Roughly 36 hours later you'll have your very own small batch gin, which you can keep in the included 500ml bottle for your own purposes while gifting away the other 250ml in the other included flask.

  • Bulldog Gin

    Add an extra bit of oomph to your New Years martinis, long islands, and slings with Bulldog Gin ($30). Handcrafted in London using traditional copper pot stills and twelve unique botanicals, Bulldog offers fruit and citrus notes, a smooth texture, and crisp taste that make it perfect for mixing or solo sipping. As a bonus, the distinctive bottle with a spiked collar is sure to draw more than a few questions from your fellow revelers.

  • Ransom Old Tom Gin

    Made in Oregon as a historically accurate revival of Old Tom Gin from the mid-1800s, Ransom Old Tom Gin ($36) is here to fill the gap between London Dry and the sweeter Jenever. With a malted barley base, Ransom adds an infusion of botanicals like juniper berries, orange peel, lemon peel, coriander seed, cardamon pods, and angelica root to create a flavorful spirit with herbal and citrus notes. As for the whole "Old Tom Gin" bit, the name supposedly comes from wooden cat-shaped planks — "old toms" — outside some pubs in 1700s England, into which passerby would deposit a penny, then slurp up a shot of gin poured by the bartenders inside through a tube between the cat's paws. Seriously, we couldn't make that up.

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