Hood Canal Cabin

Set off the Puget Sound fjord and surrounded by forest, the Hood Canal Cabin takes advantage of its picturesque location with a vertical design. Built atop an existing 20 square foot foundation, it's clad in black cedar, with a contrasting light pine plywood and white panel interior that's home to a kitchen, wood-burning stove, bedroom, and sunlit shower. The entry is marked by a thin canopy that shields the entry from the elements, and is joined on the exterior by a large deck that sits on the same corner as the living/dining area's glazing.

Photos: Andrew Pogue / MW Works

  • Norderhov Cabin

    Using a cross-like structure to shield the outdoor spaces from the prevailing winds, the Norderhov Cabin manages to provide both privacy and spectacular views of the Steinsfjorden below. The interior is one open, continuous space, joined by the curved birch plywood walls and ceilings, yet divided by the home's shape and by the floors which follow the terrain on which they sit. There's a fireplace in the center of the cabin that can be seen from multiple sides, large glass walls to connect the interior with the landscape outside, and 20mm stone slab cladding on the exterior that's laid in the traditional Western Norwegian pattern, connecting the modern design with local heritage.

    Photos: Lars Petter Pettersen / AtelierOslo

  • Perfect Wall House

    Based on concepts proposed by forensic engineer Joe Lstiburek, the Perfect Wall House should last centuries thanks to a clever design that puts the majority of the building materials on the outside. Specifically, there's an outer shell of corrugated metal siding, a layer of rainscreen, two layers of rigid foam insulation, an air, water, and vapor barrier, a layer of particle board, and then a thin layer of pine. The result is an interior full of exposed joists, primarily painted white, with natural wood floors and accents, black fixtures, and tons of built-in storage afforded by the space between the studs.

    Photos: Casey Dunn / Rauser Design

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