Hornbill House

Located on a 135-acre tea and coffee plantation in southern India, the Hornbill House isn't short on spectacular views. The bungalow sits on the edge of a waterfall, overlooking a valley, mountains, and the fields below. Each of these scenes is put on display throughout the home, ensuring each room has its own unique view. To blend in the with the rocky landscape. the exterior is covered in a stone facade, while mud bricks provide a warm hue for the interior to compliment the reclaimed wood and bamboo furniture. A ground floor balcony allows guest to catch glimpses of the native wildlife which includes monkeys, bison, and over 250 species of birds.

Photos: Vivek Muthuramalingam / Biome Environmental Solutions

  • Napa Barn

    Set on a small Northern California vineyard, this Napa Barn is a multi-use pavilion disguised as an agrarian shelter. The two-story structure is built using low-maintenance materials like cedar cladding, coated steel, and local native stone, and angled in a V-shape to form a sheltered courtyard. Large openings provide airflow and access to the double-height main room and adjoining the kitchen, lit by a dramatic skylight shaft. The garage area doubles as a basketball court with stainless steel inlaid lines, and above the downstairs bedrooms lies a sleeping porch that overlooks the vineyard and meadows of wildflowers and grasses.

    Photos: Joe Fletcher / Anderson Architects

  • Micro House

    At just 430 square feet, the Micro House packs big design in a tiny frame. The home comfortably holds a bathroom, sleeping area, kitchen, dining table, living room, loft, and even some storage space, while a basement — accessed by a hatch door in the floor — adds extra storage and a laundry room. Clean design paired with a bright pallet comprised of local maple floors, birch plywood, and white walls gives the small interior a spacious quality. Although space is limited, views are not. A series of windows gives each area a sense of separation by framing in a unique aspect of the landscape, with the main focus being the Camel's Hump mountain in the distance.

    Photos: Jim Westphalen / Elizabeth Herrmann

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