It may have been developed for the Swedish Military, but you don't need to be a soldier to enjoy the benefits of Hudsalve. Well adapted for use in cold weather and wind, this balm is great for protecting your lips, as well as your face, hands, joints, and feet. And as with any great multi-use substance, it's become popular for more than just skin protection, being used as mosquito protection, weapon grease, and even leather treatment. Just don't go looking for it in cherry or some similarly silly flavor.

  • Kiehl's Ultimate Man Soap-On-A-Rope

    Fight back against the damaging effects the dry fall and winter weather has on your skin with Kiehl's Ultimate Man Soap-On-A-Rope ($15). It's made with natural oat bran, oat kernel, and pumice, giving it an abrasive surface that works well to exfoliate dead, dry skin, keeping your skin healthy in the process. It also has a great citrus scent that's really refreshing on a cold, dark morning, helping get you moving when you'd rather stay in bed. The convenient rope helps you get a handle on the bar, while letting you hang it up in between uses.

  • Bacon Soap

    Everyone loves the smell of freshly-cooked bacon in the morning, so it stands to reason that adding the smell of bacon to your morning shower routine could only make it better. With Bacon Soap ($10), you can do exactly that. Made from natural, vegan ingredients (that's right, no actual pigs went into this soap) like coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, and olive oil, it works up to a nice lather, leaving you feeling clean and smelling great. Each bar is dyed and shaped to look like a slab of bacon straight from the butcher, and comes wrapped in a burlap bag, adding to its rustic appearance.

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