Huskee Cup

If you're drinking coffee right now, you're contributing to 1.35 million tons of waste each year. To help clear your conscience, Huskee Cup is repurposing those husks into a beautiful vessel for your morning cup of joe. Each cup is made from that thin layer of shell that surrounds the bean, which usually gets discarded during the milling stage. Aside from the green factor, the cup is also functional. Their thermal retention keeps your coffee hotter longer and won't chip or crack in the process. Better yet, they're easy on the eyes. Available in three stackable sizes and can be paired with a universal saucer.

  • Seedo Hydroponic Growing System

    Hydroponics has come a long way in the past few years, and the Seedo Hydroponic Growing System is the next generation of growing at home. It features automated air conditioning to keep the temp and humidity precise, a sterile ecosystem with a carbon filter that keeps insects away, built-in cartridges for releasing CO2 during photosynthesis, and an internal HD camera for monitoring. And it's all controlled using the Seedo app that allows you to monitor and control the process no matter where you are. Grow vegetables, flowers, or whatever plant you choose — whether it's for recreational or medicinal use — in a clean looking system that resembles a mini-fridge.

  • Manual Coffeemaker No. 3

    Designed to make your coffee routine more hands-on, the Manual Coffeemaker No. 3 is a double-walled glass pitcher that does triple-duty. It can handle French press, cold brew, and even pour-over brewing methods, and uses standard basket filters to keep things simple. The cork-topped pitcher is also perfect for holding cold drinks on warm days, and pairs well with clear glass coffee mugs.

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