Husqvarna 350BT Leaf Blower

Make your yard work more enjoyable with the Husqvarna 350BT Leaf Blower ($300). Aimed at those with larger yards — or driveways — the 350BT features a backpack-style design with a padded harness and hipbelt, a high-power 50cc X-Torq engine, tube-mounted throttle controls, and an ergonomic handle that ensures you'll be as comfortable as possible while dealing with those pesky autumn leaves. Added bonus: you might be able to pass it off as a Proton Pack come Halloween.

  • Dremel Trio

    As with any Dremel tool, the new Dremel Trio ($100) is more than meets the eye. This handheld helper functions as a spiral jigsaw, edge sander and detail router, with features like a 90-degree pivoting handle for moving from horizontal to vertical surfaces in a flash, a speed range of 10,000 - 20,000 rpm, an on-board dust extraction attachment, and, since it is a Dremel after all, a whole line of accessories and attachments including a vacuum, a compact depth guide, and a circle/edge guide. Cut through wood, plastic, drywall, metal, wall tile, or use it to make your Thanksgiving turkey presentation that much more badass.

  • KeyTool

    We've written about keychain-sized multitools before, but never one that masquerades as an actual key. The KeyTool ($10) is so small is fits over a standard key, offering three sizes of screwdriver, a bottle opener, wire cutter, tweezers, finger nail cleaner, and nail file, all contained within a strong stainless steel sheath. Great for impromptu handyman work, or for carrying a host of tools onto a flight without getting harassed by the TSA.

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