Husqvarna 355FX Forestry Saw

Husqvarna 355FX Forestry Saw

You mostly see people in movies clearing their way through the forest with a machete or some other longish blade, but if you have more than just a subtle path to clear, it's time to call in some professional-strength tools. Like the Husqvarna 355FX Forestry Saw ($1,200). Using ergonomically-angle bicycle handlebars for control, the 355FX clears away even the densest of brush with a meaty X-Torq engine, a 22-tooth wood cutting blade that's angled for more effective trimming, thumb-operated throttle, and a jetpack-like Balance XT harness to make sure you stay in control at all times. Dieter Dengler sure could have used one of these.

  • Craftsman C3 Lawn Care Line

    Take care of your turf from top to bottom with the new Craftsman C3 Lawn Care Line. Comprised of the C3 String Trimmer ($135), C3 Hedge Trimmer ($100), C3 Sweeper ($80), and the C3 Chain Saw ($110), all of which are powered by the C3's interchangeable 19.2 volt lithium-ion batteries, which recharge in an hour or less, with a red-to-green charge indicator and a common Craftsman interface which make them compatible with many power tools you may already own. The chain saw is the only piece that you can buy right now, but they'll all be on sale soon. And it's still unconfirmed, but we hear this is the prototype of the C3 Automatic Mower.

  • Husqvarna DXR 310 Demolition Robot

    Never mind the fact that you probably have no use for a big, expensive, and heavy demolition robot — you're going to want one anyway. The Husqvarna DXR 310 Demolition Robot ($TBA) is like having your own life-size Transformer to play around with, breaking down walls, doors, and anything else you can imagine. It features a robotic arm that reaches over 15 feet, a modern remote control that offers Bluetooth, a 3.5-inch screen, and one-handed operation, and the ability to pass through normal doorways and climb stairs — if it hasn't ripped them apart already. To hell with actual work though - you should just use it to wreak apocalyptic havoc on your neighborhood, then tell the police a drunken Optimus Prime is to blame.

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