Husqvarna Automower

Husqvarna Automower

Some people mow their lawns by hand, pushing mowers under the hot summer sun. But not you. You're relaxing in the shade, sipping an Arnold Palmer, nodding at your neighbor as he toils behind a noisy, sputtering, gas-powered contraption. This is possible thanks to the Husqvarna Automower 260 ACX ($TBA), a self-charging, auto-piloting, robotic mower. The ACX will handle this weekly chore without supervision, and is capable of sending you an SMS should something unexpected take place. The ACX has an adjustable mowing height, runs almost silent, has ultrasonic sensors to prevent collisions, and finds its way back to the charging station when it needs power. Rain and weather proof, the mower can handle uneven ground with ease, and even has a programmable anti-theft alarm should your neighbor's covetous nature overwhelm his better sensibilities.

  • Angler Tarpon Kayak

    Kayaking is a great way to see the outdoors, but the kayak you use can make or break the day. Don't risk ruining your fishing trip by piloting a craft that's not supportive of the experience. The Tarpon 120 Angler ($1,000) has been specifically designed for fishing. In addition to the features you'd expect from a superior kayak, like carrying handles, a Keepers footbrace system, and a Phase 3 SOT seating system, the Angler also has two kinds of built-in fishing rod holders, and an 8-inch orbix midship hatch, perfect for storing fish or bait. The 12-foot long Angler is available in 8 different color combinations. We like orange.

  • Burley Nomad Cargo Bike Trailer

    Using a bicycle as your primary mode of transportation just got a whole lot easier. The Burley Nomad Cargo Bike Trailer ($350) can haul your camping gear, a full load of groceries, and more, keeping things secure with interior tie-downs and pockets. A removable partition keeps things organized, and the 16-inch quick-release alloy wheels make for superior handling, taking corners without complaint. The Nomad's lightweight aluminum chassis attaches to your bike's frame quickly and can be pulled around by hand when removed from the bike, folding to a compact 9-inches for easy storage. There's even an included safety flag you can fly so the whole town will know just how green you've gone.

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