Industry City Distillery No.2 Vodka

Industry City Distillery No.2 Vodka

Add another NYC-based distillery to the ever-growing list. Industry City Distillery No.2 Vodka ($21) is the first spirit from Industry City Distillery, a new City Foundry venture located in Brooklyn's old Bush Terminal. Fermented using beet sugar yeasts, this unique drink is run through a steam powered stripping still before entering a high separation fractional distillation column that offers an unheard of level of control over the final composition, which should have you scrambling to create new recipes to take advantage of the unusual flavor. [Scouted by Rich]

  • Isfjord Vodka

    It's one thing to drink wine that's been aged for decades, and quite another to drink a spirit born from water that dates back millennia. Isfjord Vodka + Gin ($TBA) are hand-distilled five times with the world's purest natural water — sourced from the fjord of Ilulissat in Greenland — and mixed with juniper berries, bergamot, orange, angelica root, and cardemom in the case of the gin, and fine blonde wheat in the case of the vodka. Enjoy every drink like it's your last, since there's only so many icecaps left to melt. [via]

  • Smoked Salmon Vodka

    Leave it to those wacky Alaskans to integrate fish into their booze. Smoked Salmon Vodka ($TBA) is what it says: premium vodka, made using glacier ice from Prince William Sound, infused with the flavor of savory smoked salmon. Useful in everything from bloody marys and martinis to luscious cream sauces, it's the latest testament to our ability to imbibe damn near anything in the name of getting sauced.

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