Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Whiskey

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Whiskey

As anyone who's tasted Wild Turkey American Honey can attest, adding a little bit of honey flavor to a good whiskey can make for a damn fine drink. Now Tennessee's most famous export is entering the fray with Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Whiskey ($20). Mixing the company's famous whiskey with a proprietary honey liquor, this new blend retains its American whiskey roots while adding just a touch of sweetness and removing just a bit of bite, making it perfect for on-the-rocks summertime sipping.

  • Highland Park 50 Year Old

    Normally single malt scotch comes in an understated bottle. That's definitely not the case with Highland Park 50 Year Old (£10,500; roughly $16,800) arrives inside a hand-carved oak box, with a Sterling silver porthole to tease at the unique handmade bottle inside, which itself is encased in an intricate weave of Sterling silver. Oh sure, the 44.8 percent alcohol whisky inside is extremely limited — only 275 bottles are being made — and it's part of five refill oak casks distilled in 1960, but if you're spending that much on booze, you probably don't even care.

  • Kings County Whiskey, Bourbon & Moonshine

    Sure, when most people think of Whiskey, Bourbon, or Moonshine, they think of Kentucky and other similarly southern states — but that doesn't mean those damn Yankees can't get in on the fun. Given its license on April 14 of this year, Kings County Distillery, makers of Whiskey, Bourbon & Moonshine ($20), is New York City's only operating whiskey distillery, and the first since before prohibition. Currently available from select spots in Brooklyn and Manhattan, those of us outside the greater Gotham area will just have to rely on good ol' Astor Wines and Spirits.

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