Jacob Jensen Smoke Detector

Jacob Jensen Smoke Detector

Rid your home of plain, unsightly smoke detectors by replacing them with this Jacob Jensen Smoke Detector ($55). In addition to its striking design, the detector is an ionizing smoke detector, letting it respond quickly to fast growing and particularly hot fires. It also features the standard low-battery warning, a test button, and a mounting plate for easy battery replacement.

  • Numbra House Number System

    The Numbra House Number System ($11) replaces the address numbers you spray painted on the side of your rental with a two-sided metal plate with adjustable tabs for customizing your numbers. The sides, which are either brushed metal or a black finish, give a nice, modern look to your home.

  • Loft Cube

    Ever wonder what it would be like to build a place on the top of a small building? That's exactly what the Loft Cube (From $111,000) was designed for — that, and people on the move. The Cube was designed to be a temporary living structure, which can be placed anywhere from rooftops in Berlin to a prairie in South Dakota. The interiors are customizable by client, as are the window treatments that decide whether you're living in a glass house or in a glass house with nice blinds. It's the modern, stylish equivalent of a trailer — and we mean that in the best way possible. [Thanks, Josh]

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