James Perse Skateboards

Like most other wares we've seen from the designer, these James Perse Skateboards ($TBA) are a perfect mix of retro and modern. Inspired by vintage '70s skate decks, they're made using solid walnut planks that are accented by solid wenge strips for a bit of extra style and stability, and feature high-performance trucks and vintage-style wide polyurethane wheels.

  • Snap Skateboard

    Tired of wearing funky backpacks or otherwise lugging your lengthy board around? The Snap Skateboard ($120) has you covered. Made from three separate pieces of high-grade aluminum, the Snap's deck folds up via patented hinges to go from 32 inches to 14 inches for maximum portability, snaps together using high-strength steel support pins, and sports regular griptape. In addition, the bearings, wheels and trucks can all be easily removed and replaced with standard skateboard parts, so you can make it your own should the monotone look not rock your boat.

  • Marucci Custom Pro Wood Bats

    Whether you answer to a Yari-like, ball-busting league coach or simply want to stop being beaten at the plate by your screwball-tossing offspring, these Marucci Custom Pro Wood Bats ($125) can help you prepare for the upcoming baseball season. Favored by a number of big leaguers including Albert Pujols and Chase Utley, these maple and ash bats are cut from hand-selected Pennsylvanian trees, and cut to exact specifications to ensure that the bat matches your swing.

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