James Perse Yosemite Paddle Boards

Named after California's famed National Park, these James Perse Yosemite Paddle Boards ($TBA) are perfect for exploring the waters and waves of the Golden State's southern shores. They're hand crafted, measure in a 11 feet three inches, feature simple, timeless designs, and come with a matching handmade wood paddle with a matte finish and carbon fiber-reinforced grip.

  • Spalding Neverflat Basketball

    There are few things quite as irritating as gathering up a group of friends for some quality hoops only to discover that your ball has gone flat as a pancake. With the Spalding Neverflat Basketball ($30), that's not a problem. Featuring new technologies like a membrane designed to improve pressure retention and repel air mixture molecules, NitroFlate molecules injected into the ball to form a protective barrier against air seepage, and a specially designed valve with cap, the Neverflat is guaranteed to go at least a year between fill-ups, and is available in outdoor or composite leather versions.

  • Pete Rose Apology Autographed Baseball

    Talk to any baseball fan about Pete Rose — especially those in the vicinity of Ohio or Pennsylvania — and you'll likely hear how ridiculous it is that Major League Baseball refuses to allow him into the Hall of Fame due to his past gambling. Which makes this Pete Rose Apology Autographed Baseball ($190) a little awesome and a little sad all at the same time. Personally signed by Rose himself and carrying the inscription "I'm Sorry I Bet On Baseball," its a bittersweet reminder of a man who racked up 4,256 hits while batting .303 and winning three world championships; a man who cemented his legacy as one of the game's greats before having it tarnished seemingly beyond repair.

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