Jim Beam Jacob's Ghost White Whiskey

Don't let its clear color fool you — this is no typical moonshine. Inspired by the white whiskey distilled by founder Jacob Beam, Jim Beam Jacob's Ghost White Whiskey ($22) is actual, full-on whiskey that offers the woody flavors of a traditional bourbon but with a lighter body and greater versatility. It's aged for at least a year in a charred white oak barrel, resulting in a slightly smoky flavor with light vanilla and sweet corn undertones. And while it can certainly be enjoyed like a traditional bourbon — neat, on the rocks, or in traditional whiskey cocktails — it really shines when you use it to replace white spirits like vodka, tequila, or rum. A bourbon-based Bloody Mary? Yes, please.

  • Jim Beam Devil's Cut

    The words "devil" and "bourbon" do have many connections — especially to those who've felt like hell after a night of drinking the brown stuff, or for those old enough to remember prohibition — but never have they been paired quite so well. Jim Beam Devil's Cut ($24) is made by taking the bourbon trapped inside the wood of an emptied barrel (as you should know, the Angel's Share is what's lost to evaporation) and remixing it into an extra-aged blend to create a full-flavored, robust, yet surprisingly smooth 90-proof whiskey that will have you feeling plenty devilish in no time.

  • Jim Beam Red Stag

    Infused with natural black cherry flavors, Jim Beam Red Stag is a great choice for fireside sipping this winter. The slow infusion process adds just a hint of fruity taste and aroma to the traditional Beam bourbon flavor, with a smooth, slightly sweet finish that's even better than the standard for mixing up some cocktails — making it an equally good choice when stocking up for a holiday season get together.

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