Junction Shadow House

Once an exact replica of its neighbor, the Junction Shadow House underwent a complete renovation to set itself apart from its semi-detached twin. Wedged between two structures in a tight Toronto neighborhood, the only access to natural light comes from the north and the south ends. So the idea of light and shadows was created with a bright white and black color palette running throughout the entire home. The ground floor is comprised of an open-concept kitchen and dining area, while the second and third-floor attic house two bedrooms and a living area. The interior is connected by a staircase at the heart of the home, which includes a hidden compartment for shoes in its landing.

Photos: Revelateur Studio / Post Architecture

  • Fiskavaig Studio Shelter

    Nestled within the rolling hills of Scotland's Isle of Skye, the Fiskavaig Studio Shelter is a modest, low impact getaway overlooking the Loch Bracadale. The compact cabin is made of simple materials, including aluminium, oriented strand boards, and cement wall panels. The interior is an open plan, made up of a bedroom with king-size bed on one end and a living area on the other, separated by an eat-in kitchen, while a Charnwood stove and Swedish waterless toilet aid in its eco-friendly nature, There's no shortage of rugged scenery on the property. The front door leads out to The Cuillin mountain range in one directon or the sore and of Fiscavaig bay in the other.

    Photos: Fiskavaig Studio

  • 2Y House

    Built along the shore of Chile's Lake Colico, the 2Y House was designed to take advantage of the dense wooded setting, as well as the South American sunlight. Just as its name states, the home is formed by a pair of intersecting Ys. This layout pairs with full-height glazing to incorporate the sylvan landscape without disrupting it, while also creating two points of entry for natural light, ensuring every inch of the interior is illuminated during all hours of the day. The structure sits on a foundation of timber stilts, even following the grade of the land, further keeping the plot in its natural state. Internally, the home mimics it's surrounding with natural wood planks, contrasted by the exterior's red-stained facade. At the furthest end of the home, a glass-encased platform entends out to the water to maximize views of the bordering lakeshore.

    Photos: Felipe Díaz Contardo / Sebastián Irarrázaval

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