Kfar Shmaryahu House

Placed on a hilltop in one of the oldest communities in Israel, the Kfar Shmaryahu House is a boxy, aluminum-clad ode to minimalism. The ground floor consists of the kitchen and an open living area which has large glass walls that offer easy access to the patio. Above, the top floor is separated into a metallic gray square of one bedroom and the natural aluminum casing of the master and two other bedrooms, all joined by a central corridor that encourages interaction between the family members. Otherwise, the interior is stark with natural finishes, allowing the owners' art and furniture to provide necessary splashes of color.

Photos: de Lange Design

  • Mir Unbuilt Architecture

    Unconstrained by the limits of materials or budgets, Mir Unbuilt Architecture brings to life fantastical buildings that are as real as the CGI in the latest Hollywood blockbuster, yet feel firmly grounded in reality. Their renderings represent everything from dwellings and skyscrapers to Swiss chalets, with each displaying a touch of whimsy while representing structures none of us would be surprised to enter in the near future.

    Photos: Mir Creative Studio

  • Four Corner Villa

    Aptly named for a cross-shaped home, the Four Corner Villa offers different yet purposely defined views seen through full-length windows or doors at every end. It's set on a island in southern Finland, and has neither electricity or running water, with only wood-burning stoves for heating. The exterior is treated all black, which helps contrast not only with the snow outside but also the light-treated wood paneling inside, which can be seen in the living area, kitchen, bedroom, and sauna. A testament to minimalism, not only in architecture, but as a way of life.

    Photos: Kuvatoimisto Kuvio Oy / Avanto Architects

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